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4 comments on “Christianity

  1. lolathecur
    24 March 2016

    If the the subject of the catholic faith/church is studied deeply going back to inception one seesthat it WAS the only thing that EVER stood up against judaism. Of course you have to go very far back as well as study hard to get material which I would be happy to provide to anyone to show this. It was the only real threat to these people which is why they spent the last 2 thousand years destroying it and changing its doctrine simply by making the catholic faith bible based when it was not to begin with. This was the bullet proof vest the faith had. If the faith is NOT bible based then you can not destroy it using the bible because it does not apply. It is like telling a hindu that the bible days “blah, blah, blah”. They would look at you and ask “who cares as we do not have a bible based faith, we have our own texts and beliefs”. Once the church was infiltrated to the point that the jew book became an issue all bets were off. The image above is appropriate for the present time though no doubt. It has been this way since english bibles were printed that obscure what these texts actually say. I suggest all study an uncorrupted latin vulgate along with an english bible to compare. The bible was not originally part of the faith. Why? Simply because GOD does not exist in it. Only a bunch of dead jews. The vulgate shows this upon study. The church worshipped GOD, not dead jews. When english bibles were produced using a dumbed down language that is easily manipulated through semantics , people believe dead jews are GOD. I can prove every bit of this and more to anyone who cares. Contact me at lolathecur@gmail.com and I will provide everything you need to learn this and walk you right through it. This is the best defense the world has against these people. Simply expose the jew bible for what it really says. This how the jew manipulates just about the entire world through his jew bible. It all jewish, old and new testament. The book of revelation is not the end of the bible and the last three books show that the entire protestant doctrine of what they believe these texts say is in error. It is why they were removed. If they were not, there would not have been a reformation. As it stands now, any faith catholic, protestant(all denominations) are nothing more than jewish constructs based on a jew set of texts intentionally mistranslated to accomplish this goal. Look foward to showing this to anyone interested. Jeff

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    • IGP - International Goyim Party
      25 March 2016

      wasn’t the real bible written in aramaic language ??? Isn’t it hidden from publich in the vatican ???


  2. joekano76
    24 March 2016

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.

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