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“Anti Semitism” Provoked by Jewish Hate of Goyim

Written by  //  October 9, 2014  //  Politics  //  0 Comments

In Argentina, Organized Jewry is up to its usual game of repressing criticism of Israel by accusing internationally renown commentator Adrian Salbuchi of “anti Semitism” and threatening to prosecute him. See his Letter Below.

The real issue is not anti Semitism, but anti Gentilism. Organized Jewry hates non-Jews and is conspiring to enslave them in a world government tyranny. This gives non-Jews every right to be “anti Semitic” as long as this antipathy is directed against Organized Jewry, its supporters and its agents everywhere, many of whom are Freemasons and non-Jews.

Below Salbuchis letter, I posted an excerpt from  “Why is the Talmud not Hate Literature?” by Kevin Boyle which shows that Organized Jewry hates non-Jews.

Until Jews renounce the Talmud and the Illuminati agenda, not being an anti-Semite is being uninformed. As a Jew and son of real holocaust survivors, I urge people to embrace “anti Semitism” as a badge of honor. Let’s take this smear away from these frauds by owning it.  If you do not hate those that hate you, you’re a fool. If you do not hate evil, you’re dead. To be an “anti Semite” does not mean you condone genocide. It means you oppose a destructive political, social and spiritual agenda.

Because of the Cabalist-Talmudist hatred for God and mankind, humanity is being held prisoner. The collective Jewish enterprise is fundamentally flawed because it is based on Satanism (Cabala) and supremacism. -Henry Makow

Adrian Salbuchi:

DAIA – Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas,
(Delegation of Argentine Israeli Associations)
Pasteur 633, 7th Floor,
Buenos Aires – Argentina      Attn.: Messrs. Jorge Knoblovits and Waldo Wolff

Ref: Your Statements to the Press – Our Invitation to a Public Debate


I learned from press reports published by the “Iton Gadol” and “Jewish Press Agency/Agencia de Prensa Judía” agencies, that your secretary General, Mr. Jorge Knoblovits (press report dated 18th August 2014) and your Deputy Vice-President, Mr. Waldo Wolff (press report dated 22nd August 2014), have accused me of “Anti-Semitism”, threatening to file legal proceedings against me because of my geopolitical assessments of the war waged by the State of Israel against the Palestinian people in Gaza during last July and August.

Similar press accusations were made by Mr. Daniel Lew, president of OSA – Organización Sionista Argentina (Argentine Zionist Organization, which is affiliated to the DAIA) – and Messrs. Schlomo Samuels and Sergio Widder, officers of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

In this respect, I would clarify that for years I have been presenting my analyses on this matter in various local and international news channels and media.  Lately, I have been doing this in articles addressing the complex and inter-related topics of the State of Israel, Zionism, Argentine Geopolitics, the Global Sovereign Debt System engineered by international banking circles, and the foreign policies of the United States, United Kingdom and the European Union.

These articles have been published by international media outlets RT/Russia Today (in English) and Actualidad RT (in Spanish) – both of which are the official news media of the Russian Confederation -, as well as in our local weekly TV program “Segunda República” which airs on Buenos Aires-based Channel TLV1 – Toda La Verdad Primero/All The Truth First – amongst other local and foreign media channels.

As founder of Proyecto Segunda República (PSR – Second Republic Project), international analyst, author of books on geopolitics and speaker, I cannot but construe your statements published in the aforementioned media outlets and others as well, as an attempt on the part of the DAIA to stifle all criticism of the policies of genocide carried out by a foreign power: the State of Israel.

To this, I would add your systematic personal accusations of “Anti-Semitism” against me, over the past seven years which you have published in your official “Annual Reports on Anti-Semitism” corresponding to the years 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

I believe that your attitude only serves to generate confusion on fundamental complex matters that urgently need to be addressed in a public, open, balanced and honest debate. …Accordingly, the Second Republic Project is promoting a national, regional and global debate on Zionism in general, the behaviour of the State of Israel in particular, and the impact that both have in different countries, particularly Argentina….



2 comments on ““Anti Semitism” Provoked by Jewish Hate of Goyim

  1. cartiermccloud
    16 February 2016

    “Until Jews renounce the Talmud and the Illuminati agenda, not being an anti-Semite is being uninformed. As a Jew and son of real holocaust survivors,”

    Seriously? As savvy as Makow thinks he is, he slipped up with that one. He, of all people, should know and be exposing the holocaust as a hoax. “real holocaust suvivors..” What the hell is that? All the rest are phony? He’s lost all credibility for a long time now.

    Liked by 1 person

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