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Antisemitism: British Jews In Fear After “Shocking, Horrendous & Vicious” Gas Attack By Whites In London

06/01/2016/by Campaign Against Antisemitism:


The Metropolitan Police Service are investigating an incident that took place this evening at around 19:45 in which three Jewish shoppers were subjected to vile, racist, homophobic, transphobic, paedophobic  and antisemitic abuse in Tottenham Hale by three aggressively white men in a Union Jack painted pickup truck.

The three attackers, identified by witnesses as ethnic indigenous Englishmen, who were wearing antique German Reich military helmets and badges celebrating the birthday of leading Nazi Heinrich Himmler, shouted “Hitler is on the way to you, #gasthekikes, Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler! Heil Hitler! Fuck JEWKIP traitors, National Action Rocks!” and threw large gas refill canisters towards the victims, two men and a woman. The three attackers were flying British and Confederate flags from the vehicle’s roof and had ‘posh’ accents. Passers by said that the men appeared to be ex-public school and Reginald Stokes from Battersea who had just attended a dental appointment across the road thought he recognized one of them as a senior engineer who worked at the Channel Tunnel.


Chaim Meglowitz and his fiancee Zoe Swartza-Cameron and their Israeli uncle were in a state of deep shock when collected by the Shomrim police. Meglowitz, a pious and devout Jew had refused to sit in a Metropolitan police car for fear of being polluted and violated by being in any proximity to the company of pork-eating white officers.

While Mr Meglowitz lay on the pavement having seizures brought on by memories of BBC death camp documentaries narrated by fellow-Jew David Dimbleby, showing shocking images of gas chambers and the evil murder of six million Jews by racist, white Supremist Nazis in the second world war, the special ethnic Jewish Shomrim Police were called by the other victims. Rushing to the spot within minutes with sirens blazing and accompanied by four outrider Metropolitan Motorcycle Officers to guide them through the heavy evening traffic, they provided timely and expert on the spot victim support with the promise of immediate reparations and compensation from the courts. None of the victims were physically injured but they were badly shaken by the experience and were rushed for treatment to the special JHTU Jewology Holocaust Triggering Unit at St Thomas’s Hospital Westminister.

jew hospital

Sir Arthur English-Rubenstein the Chief Jewrologist at the hospital said that more and more cases of Holoshock were filling the wards and there had been an increase of 167% since 2013. “The big story the media are hiding is that antisemitism among white British people is advancing like a wild fire and if nothing is done to prevent it Jews will have to leave Britain and move to Jewish countries like Ireland or Israel.”


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